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Quijote y sancho
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Prices (169.13 / 188.21 )
VAT not included
Will get 17 / 19 points

A truly versatile back up knife with marked combat qualities. Its leaf-shaped blade is flat ground

Prices (181.48 / 190.41 )
VAT not included
Will get 18 / 19 points

The lethality of our Col Moschin knife in a compact size. Comes with hard belt sheath and one BELT

Prices (171.82 / 184.46 )
VAT not included
Will get 17 / 18 points

FULCRUM C is the compact version of the FULCRUM knife, which it equals in robustness and sturdiness.

Prices (226.22 / 237.67 )
VAT not included
Will get 23 / 24 points

Following with our successful PUGIO boot-dagger, in Extrema Ratio we developed this single-edge vers

Prices 176.76 - VAT not included
Will get 18 points

The purest Extrema Ratio Tanto collection continues with the T4000 C, for those who love Japanise pr

Prices (147.82 / 154.66 )
VAT not included
Will get 15 / 15 points

The compact version of our TASK multipurpose knife. Besides a reduced size of both blade and hilt, T

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