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Knives Bunmei

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Japanese kitchen knives

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Japanese kitchen knives

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Japanese kitchen knives

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Japanese Kitchen knives


The Bunmei knives are Japanese kitchen knives manufactured by the company Yoshikin, the same company that manufactures the Global brand.
The type of steel used for the manufacture of Bunmei knives is made of Molybdenum Vanadium stainless steel with a hardness of 56-57 HRC and sharpened on one side (only suitable for right-handers) to achieve more precision in the cut; and with bamboo wood handle.
The whole range of Bunmei knives are special for fish, they have a single series with the same characteristics of steel and handle but a wide range of models and sizes depending on the type of cut you want, among them we find:

  • 5 Deba models with different sizes between 10.5 cm and 22.5 cm; Deba knives are perfect for cutting any part of the fish, such as the heads, and for cleaning it.

  • 2 models of Usuba of 18 cm and 22.5 cm; Usuba knives would be used to cut all the vegetables and vegetables necessary for the preparation of the fish dish.

  • 4 models of Tako Sashimi between 21 cm and 22 cm; They are fine knives with a square tip and the use of Tako Sashimi knives is for sushi and for cutting fish into loins.

  • 4 models of Yanaghi Sashimi between 21 cm and 33 cm; The use of the Yanaghi Sashimi knives would be the same as the Tako ones (for sushi and the fish on the back) but the difference is that these models do have tip.

  • 1 model of Oroshi of 24 cm; its use is to cut the fish on the loins and for the sushi but the difference is that it has a wider blade.

  • 1 model of Usuba of 18 cm; This Usuba knife is the only one suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people.

The Bunmei knives are a good option to have in your kitchen if you are a lover of sushi and fish in general.