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Cid Swords Windlass

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Cid Swords Windlass
Carbon steel blade, forged by hand Maintains optimal balance, speed and durability.

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Cid Swords Windlass
Bastard Sword is a very wide sword that could be used in the Battle of Bosworth, in 1845,

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Cid Swords Windlass
William Wallace became the bravest warrior of freedom than Scotland.
Two-handed swo

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Cid Swords Windlass
Scottish basket handle.
It is a faithful reproduction to that found in Culloden Moor

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Cid Swords Windlass
Lenght of the leaf:45cm
Total Length:58cm
The grip is contoure

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Cid Swords Windlass
Greek sword of the 5th century BC.
Greek Hoplite was a soldier and a hard, effective